1.Use- for machine bonding 2 and 3 laminated toilet paper , kitchen roll and facial tissues .


  • Appearance -viscous liquid
  • Color – white
  • Smell - specific weak
  • Viscosity 18- 22,000 m.Pa.s
  • pH -5.3

3.Application - machine.At mixing the adhesive paint is first performed dilution with water to the desired viscosity before adding the water under stirring .

4.Cleaning – the machine parts having contact with the adhesive are cleaned with cold or warm water.

  1. The glue is stored in their original packaging in a positive indoor temperature.

Stable for 6 months from date of manufacture.

6.Packaging- The glue is packed in a sealed plastic (PP) bucket with net weight of 18 and 30 kg.

7.Transport - carried out in all kinds of covered vehicles, providing the necessary storage conditions.When buying glue manufacturer issue a certificate of quality.Available safety data sheet.

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