Hot melt adhesive brand TSL 3 and TSL 4

Adhesives are designed for bonding of paper, plastic, metal labels and stamps over PET, PVC, PP, PE, glass, paper, cardboard.TLC brand-4 gluing corrugated cardboard boxes, packaging, bookbinding industry.


technical characteristics


  • physical form- rubbery mass
  • color- yellow to dark yellow yellow
  • melting point- up 80 ° C
  • Working temperature-130-150 ° C
  • tool for application- nozzles ,roller


  • physical form -hard polymer
  • color yellow
  • melting point up 80 ° C
  • operating temperature-130-160 ° C
  • tools for application- nozzles, roller

Packaging - Blocks melt adhesive, in a polymeric container which is melted in a tank for melting the adhesive itself, and is included in the composition without affecting the quality.

Shelf life - 12 months from date of manufacture.

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