1. Application : average speed machines (24 000 bottles/ hour ) labeling machines for paper labels on glass. Suitable for hand application.

2. Technical characteristics.

  • Appearance: viscous solution with white color.
  • Time fixing the label: immediately.
  • After drying to form a colorless transparent layer.
  • Easy removal of labels in dishwashers.
  • pH:6


3. Application-applied to machine and manually.

4. Clean uncured adhesive can be removed with water and dried - with warm water.

After interruption of workflow for more than 60 minutes is necessary machine parts having contact with the glue wash. Washing is performed with warm or cold water.

5. Storage-adhesive storage in their original containers indoors at positive temperatures, stable for 6 months from the date of manufacturing .To be protected from frost.

6. Packing-adhesive is packed in sealed plastic containers for transport of 30

Other containers are allowed in negotiating with the buyer.

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