1. Application-for machine and manual gluing of side edge/ paper with PP and paper to aluminum foil.
  1. Characteristics
  • Appearance-viscous liquid
  • Color-white
  • Low specific smell.
  • Viscosity at Ford Ø8 mm, s-20-25
  • Ph-5-7
  1. Manual and machine application.
  1. Clean the parts of the machine from glue with cold or warm water.
  1. Storage of the glue in the original packages in closed rooms with positive temperature.

Stable for 6 months from date of manufacture.

  1. Packaging-glue is packed in a sealed plastic (PP) bucket with net weight of 18 and 30 kg.
  1. 7. Transport - carried out in all kinds of covered vehicles, providing the necessary storage conditions.

When buying glue manufacturer issue a certificate of quality.

Available safety data sheet.

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