1. Use- machine and manual gluing paper labels on PET, PE, PP, metal surface markings.
  2. Technical characteristics.
  • Appearance - viscous solution
  • color - yellow to beige
  • pH - 7.5 - 8
  • time fixing etiketa- immediately.
  • Time finally sticking- after drying.

The adhesive is ready for use form. May be diluted with water but not recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Application- machine manually.

4.Cleaning -part of the machine concerned with the adhesive is cleaned with cold or warm water.

  1. Storage -The glue is stored in their original packaging in a positive indoor temperature.

Stable for 3 months from date of manufacture.

6.Packaging- The glue is packed in a sealed plastic (PP) bucket with net weight- 30 kg.

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