1. Use -machine and manually stick of paper to paper, paper to glass and paper to PET.
  1. Technical characteristic
  • Appearance: viscous solution with white to pale yellow colour
  • Time fixing the label-immediately
  • Adhesion final time :after dry up
  • After drying the adhesive make colourless layer.
  1. Application by machine and manually labelled.
  1. Clean up- the fresh adhesive can be removed with water, dried up adhesive can be removed with warm.

After the interruption on the business cycle for more than 60 minutes is a necessary the part of the machine having contact with with adhesive to be washing.

The washing must to be made with warm or cold water.

  1. Storage-the storage on the adhesive must to be into the original packaging, into indoors at positive temperatures.

The adhesive is stable for 6 months from the manufacture date.

  1. Packing- the glue is packed in sealed plastic containers by 30 kg. net weight.

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