Adhesive KOLAPAK 0.5

Adhesive for labels over glass and over paper

1.Use-machine and manually sticking of paper labels over glass and paper.

2.Technical characteristics

  • Appearance- homogenous viscous
  • Color- light yellow to yellow
  • time for fixing the label- immediately
  • Time finally fixing- after drying.
  • pH - 7 - 7.5

The adhesive KOLAPAK 0.5 is produced in several varieties:

KOLAPAK 0.5 -1 KOLAPAK 05.2, 05.3 and KOLAPAK KOLAPAK 05.4.

The adhesives KOLAPAK 05.1, KOLAPAK 05.2 are designed for medium-speed labeling machines with different viscosity.

KOLAPAK 05.3 glue is produced by modifying additives and is intended for high-speed labeling machines with low fuel glue.

Adhesive KOLAPAK 05.4 except for gluing paper on glass is suitable for machine and manual bonding paper with paper, kraft paper, cardboard and stationery needs.The glues are ready to use form.Might be diluted with water, but it is not recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Application- machine manually.

The adhesive can be applied without heating.

  1. Cleaning - free of wet glue can be removed with water, while dry film- with hot water.
  2. Storage- stable for 3 months in original packaging in a positive temperature. Protect from freezing. After use of glue containers can be closed tightly.

Note: The adhesive can not be kept at a temperature below 10 ° C

  1. Packing- plastic container at 18 and 30 kg.

Packaging is turnover. Allowed and other packaging in negotiation with the buyer.

  1. Transport - carried out in all kinds of covered vehicles, providing the necessary storage conditions.

When buying glue manufacturer issue a certificate of quality.

Available safety data sheet.

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